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SCN in Louisiana: 

  • SCN was once a problem for Louisiana producers.
  • SCN is now scarce in Louisiana.
  • We don’t know why, perhaps competition from other nematodes, use of resistant varieties, or another unknown climate/environmental/biological factor.
  • Southern root-knot and reniform nematode are the major nematode pests in Louisiana. 

SCN Management Recommendations

There are multiple tactics for managing SCN:

  • Nematicides
  • Rotation to non-hosts
  • Resistant varieties
  • Sanitation

Soil testing tips:

  • Where in the field? Sandy to silt loam areas
  • When? Fall is the best time, Spring is the worst time
  • How often? Once per year
  • Where should soil test samples be sent?
    • Nematode Advisory Service
      Baton Rouge, LA (click on "Learn more" below)

What to know about rotating different resistant varieties:

  • There are several races of SCN.
  • Problems will occur with SCN if varieties with the same type of race resistance are used continuously.


What to know about rotating different sources of resistance:

  • There are a few soybean varieties with resistance to Southern root-knot and/or reniform.
  • There are many varieties with resistance to SCN used in Louisiana.

What to know about rotating to non-host crops:

  • Rotation will reduce damage caused by nematodes (but not in all cases). 
  • Corn may not reduce Southern root-knot populations.
  • Rice and peanut are the best options for Southern root-knot and reniform.
  • Sugarcane, corn, and grain sorghum are effective against reniform.
  • Sweet potato is a major host of Southern root-knot and reniform.
  • Wheat does not impact Southern root knot.

Nematode-protectant seed treatments:

  • There are a number of seed treatment nematicides available to use on soybeans including Avicta Complete Bean, Poncho Votivo, and ILeVO.
  •  The fumigant Telone II can also be applied but should be used in a site-specific manner.

Louisiana State University Experts

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